Download Twitter videos by Chrome Extension

Twitter Video Downloader

Steps to download videos from twitter

Step 1 : Download TWSaver Chrome extension

the simplest way is from our website Click on Upper right Chrome extension button to download the Twitter Video Downloader Chrome App

Download TWSaver Chrome extension

Twitter Video downloader app Using Chrome Extension

Step 2 : Goto your Twitter Account

in your twitter account you will find a download button below every video or GIF and you can easiely choose any of them to start download

Download Twitter Videos Using Chrome Extension

Step 3 : Choose your video Quality to download

now you are finished and you just want to choose your perefered video quality you need to start download in you PC

- High definishion video quality as MP4

- Normal video quality as MP4

- Low video quality as MP4

Download Twitter Videos Using Chrome Extension mp4

Screenshot after downloaded videos

video twitter downloaded hd as mp4